Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Have Good People!!!

The other day Jennifer and I were looking at pictures and cards some of you have sent us over the past year, along with some really incredible packages.  In that moment we were freely letting our hearts drift back across the Pacific and journey from California to Kentucky, New York to Florida and everywhere in between, then our hearts soared over the Atlantic toward Africa and on to Asia.  As our hearts traveled the globe a tidal wave of emotion overcame us, filling our eyes with wonderfully salty tears, and that's when it really hit me. 

Jennifer and I took the "strengths finder" test with our Org. before coming to Indonesia, the results showed that adaptability was one of my top strengths that I have been gifted with and I was pretty proud of that, thinking that I would be able to adapt to most any situation fairly quickly.   So... I guess I figured at some point, after a period of adjustment I would be completely content to live and work in Indonesia.  Thus far that hasn't been the case and I am realizing that it will never be the case. 

As incredible as it has our time in Indonesia has been thus far and as excited as we are about our future here, our hearts still miss and even long to connect with our friends and family so far away.  So we would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for all of your Facebook messages, emails, pictures, hand written notes and letters, the occasional Skype call, and thought filled packages.  Even the small things you don't know you are putting in the package are cherished, ie the smell of America. Yes, America has its own smell and it is sooo nostalgic for those of us in other countries.  Each one of these things helps us to feel connected to you who are so close to our hearts.

So I am ending this post with a line that Jennifer said after our hearts had floated 'round the globe reflecting on pictures, words, conversations, and all the precious nifty gifties.  In that moment and even now these four words are what our hearts scream whenever we hear from you, pray for you, or think of you:

"We have good people!"

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  1. Oh, Greg & Jennifer... I so remember a moment like this one you've described. Mom sent me a box of some little essentials that at the time I couldn't get in Salatiga. And the best thing when I opened the box was that it smelled like Wal-Mart! It was akin to the thrill I get now when I find Cap ABC kecap manis. And somehow, I know I would know the smell of martabak with my eyes closed!
    You are in my thoughts & prayers.