Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

We have thought so many times about putting a new post up on our blog and now we finally get to do it!  The reason we are just getting to put up a new post is... well... let me show you.
It is the end of rainy season here in Indonesia and rainy season looks a lot like this multiple times a week... actually almost daily.  Accompanying these torrential rains are earth shaking, deafening, scare the pants off of you thunder and a barrage of lightening.  So the reason we are just getting a new post up is because lightening hit our house a few times and fried our modem... twice.  Since we have lost two routers anytime there is even a hint of lightening we unplug everything.  Hopefully since rainy season is on its way out, we will be posting a little more regularly.

By the way in the video Jennifer mentions that the porch is lethal for me, this is because we have a tile porch and when it gets wet it is SUPER slippery and me having to walk on crutches doesn't go good with slippery.   If you are wondering why I am on crutches then check back soon for the next post which will be appropriately titled "The Injury".  No, I didn't grill my foot!

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