Monday, May 20, 2013

Pic A Day May- #20 God can speak through anything...

               I took this picture 2 months ago. I was in my second to last unit of language school. I was sick, as I have often been this first term here, and it was especially difficult on the mornings I walked to language school, knowing I had to sit through class with a migraine or nausea. Language school was also much more difficult for me than I ever imagined. The 14 years of growing up here is a HUGE help, and I sure am grateful for it, don't get me wrong, but over that time I also established bad habits in my language & grammar,  & that takes some painful time & correction to  break.
            This morning was particularly challenging. On my walk I was asking the LORD to meet me in this place of need.  This little flower lines the sidewalk as you enter the school campus. And in seeing this  little one  I was reminded that God's mercies were new that morning. And that if I turned my face to Him, then He would give me just what I needed that day.
          I have been thinking about all of you this season- so many of you are pressing through a season that takes perseverance.  Some of you have just finished high school, or the 1st year of med school. Our seniors here at MICS are getting ready to graduate on Thursday- and they have had to press through the thick mud of "senioritis" to finish up this last semester.
So I wanted to encourage you today with this picture. I took it as a reminder for myself- but I wanted to share it with you today. His mercies are new this morning- and we need them.

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