Monday, May 6, 2013

Pic a Day May- #6

This is a Jahe (Ginger) tea made by boiling ginger & various other herbs together, and sweetened with honey. I have really come to like it. It is especially nice when made fresh. You have to drink it slowly, - so it helps me relax when I am twisted up in a knot of "culture stress"  or when my brain is stretched to the max with Indonesian grammar that I have never studied till now. It is made to help you warm up from the inside when you are cold (which is rare, but sometimes happens in the cooler climate of the city we live in, especially during rainy season.) It is also supposed to help with stomach troubles (which is  A LOT less rare, in this city we live in. ) A little picture to invite you further into the details of life here. Thank you for caring...

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