Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pic n Tune June #2- Greg's bucket list for the 2 days before surgery


We have a couple days here before settle into surgery & recovery. Greg made a bucket list a while ago for the 2 days, which was mainly made up of where he wanted to eat. And as always a "Rosti" from Marche is at the top of the list.  A Rosti is a hash brown pancake, fried egg, sour cream, with sausage. Marche is a restaurant from Switzerland. This is something special for him- these flavors (especially the sausage) are not at all ordinary for us these days. So it is a true treat for him. Isn't it funny which meals become special when you move to another country?
Wanted to also share a picture with you of the sunset we caught last night. Or more so, the sunset that caught us- it was just that majestic. I found myself spontaneously just speaking  out loud to the Lord of what beauty it was. It was His, just wow.
I started reading through some of the Psalms last month, with one of my mentees. Today I read Psalm 131- and I just had to share this with you.
This surgery, this whole journey of Greg's injury since February, has made me really face myself, & the power that anxiety has in my life. I have to continually return to God with it- and I see Him slowly changing me, as I invite Him to. My Creator, the same Creator that painted that majestic sunset last night, wants to do that kind of beautiful work in my heart- and I need it.
Today, He met me in the words of  Psalm 131. Today the words of this psalm have become a prayer & declaration for me.
And guess what- there is a song entitled Ps 131, (that I love,) and that is the tune for today!

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