Tuesday, January 24, 2017

(Ridiculous) Courage

I decided to let Greg write about his experience of when his heart turned towards this adoption.
It is his story- so it is best told by him.
So hopefully soon you will be hearing directly from him on here,
Hopefully soon.
Isn't that what blog life often is?

So tonight I give you a little peek into what today holds.
Today I took down the rest of our Christmas decorations- but I left the tree up.
We have had 6 wonderful weeks of hosting wonderful people.
So we left decorations up, well, because we were busy with great people, and also just because we genuinely love Christmas decorations.

But today I wanted to change something- to mark the shift of a season.
So I turned our "Christmas Tree" into our "Winter Tree" by taking off all the red ornaments &
Christmas-y ornaments and just leaving the white, gold, and more neutral ones on. 
The simplicity is quite beautiful.

So what does this shift in seasons mean for me?
It means that though it is still winter (though the weather doesn't seem to think so,)
there is a new season.
It maybe what the new year brought for others, so I guess I am a little late on that.
But it is something a little different for us. The two of us in this little home, with our "Winter Tree"  and cozy lights.

The best way that I can describe it is by sharing with you a text message I sent my sister today.
I shared with her about this change in decor-

"I am taking off all the Christmas ornaments and leaving up the neutral & gold ones...
Calling it a "winter tree" so we can still enjoy it and yet it is changed a little bit to show a shift in season, though I still want to celebrate winter....We will see what Greg thinks.
Still an element of celebration. 
But also a change. 
We will see. 
It is also a procrastination move when it comes to figuring out where we are going to store it (ha!) 
Thank you for blessing my weird idea. 
It also marks a time of re-engaging the dream &calling of adoption. 
Both not stopping pregnancy & restarting paperwork for this adoption. 

That, my friends, is where my heart is today. 

Still the same but also a change.
Just like our tree.

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