Saturday, October 6, 2012

An International Hospital Challenge

Please forgive our silence. The last 2 months have been somewhat of a blur for us…let us quickly catch you up.
The month of August completely took us by surprise- with so many twists and turns, and things that “shook” our new normal- that updating this blog became the little mountain we could never climb.
August started with a great celebration- Greg and I celebrated our anniversary, and stepped into our 7th year of marriage. It was such a special time as we looked back over our years together and wrote down some of the ways the LORD has been so faithful, which was a really fun activity (I recommend it.)
We came back from that night away only to spend the rest of the night at home, awake, as Greg began to battle what seemed like terrible food poisoning. He had never been this sick in his life, he said, so this was a new one for both of us. It was really intense- and Greg was in a lot of pain. We made it through that night, and early in the morning called some of our friends for help and advice and as soon as they saw Greg they said that a trip to the hospital for the help of an IV seemed like the best idea- since Greg would need to recover quickly to begin teaching classes the next week.
So that is what led to Greg spending 2 days in the hospital, hooked up to a much needed IV. We were able to do this in the town that we live in, Salatiga. And that brought comfort. Even though we were told you cannot go there for everything, (which we found out quickly the next week when we brought one of our dear friends to the ER), but in this situation they have what we need. The doctor diagnosed Greg with a stomach infection, more intense than food poisoning, and it required a strong antibiotic- which they had for him.
It was an intimidating experience, even for me as I tried to communicate in my 2nd language, and navigate the medical system and culture. I had never done that as a kid here. And it was so hard to see my strong husband in such pain. It was a raw and real kind of time-but the LORD’s goodness was undeniable. In a quiet moment in our hospital room I played this song- over and over…listen to it, and you will understand. 

The LORD came near and ministered to my heart so much, making me aware of His presence, as I sat there by my sleeping Greg. The room became a sanctuary.

 Then September came along…and the same story goes, we couldn’t focus long enough to update the blog. And the mental energy that it takes never seemed to come. It was at the beginning of September that we spent time in prayer and made the decision to go to Singapore to meet with doctors about my continued health struggles- still mysterious, still not improving. We really felt God’s leading as we stepped out in hope and faith. This is the kind of medical care that we cannot get here in Salatiga. So we are making this journey and investment in my health, by going to one of the top medical care locations in the world (ranked 6th) where I will also be able to communicate in my 1st language! I am so grateful for God’s provision. So I spent most of this month preparing for this medical trip. And Greg continued to adjust to this new life of teaching at MICS.

Now here we are at the beginning of October- and we are packing our bags tonight to begin our journey to Singapore. I wanted to take a moment to write this blog to catch you all up, and to ask you to pray. I am nervous. There are so many unknowns to this trip- and my heart wrestles with that. I have prepared as much as I can- and yet we will just be taking it one day at a time as we are there this next week. So I hold onto the truth from this song once again, in another “international hospital challenge”, and God reminds me of who He is tonight- that there are no mysteries to Him. He is not baffled by my health. He is not intimidated by the cost. There is nothing unpredictable to Him. He is here with me in my fears tonight, and he is there, ahead of me, already. And HE is with you as you read this blog. Peace and love- step into it.

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