Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Return from Singapore- with lots of things ruled out, and some results.

I am finally getting to write this. We came back on the 13th, and yet we also brought home a not-so-great souvenir call the FLU ( the cold/cough/fever- version) So it has taken us this time to ride that out and recover, hence the delay in the update.
So here is what we found, after meeting with a gastroenterologist, doing a sleep study, and then meeting with an infection disease specialist, all in 5 days’ time:
(This may be a little too much information for many of you, but also many have asked  for the details and I am not embarrassed to share them, so I will just go for it.)
-I have a mild case of sleep apnea, 
-irritable bowel syndrome that I need to help with a more limited, careful diet
-some uric acid in my system that I need to care for because it can lead to gout,
-found some traces of bronchitis in my lungs from a chest x-ray
-and what seems to be the most important thing we found is that I have MYCOPLASMA bacteria in my blood. This is something that I have never heard of, but the doctor says that it may be one of the reasons why I get sick so often, and that when I do get sick it is more intense than it is for others.
This is my doctors explanation of it: “Mycoplasma infection is fairly common but some people have a problem handling the infection and can have symptoms of a prolonged infection with non-specific complaints including, neurological disturbance, brain 'fog', poor sleep, headache, poor concentration, chronic fatigue, chronic pain syndrome, etc. - some of which are not well understood.”
She also mentioned that it could have been in my system for a long time.

Here is an interesting article I read linking mycoplasma to fibromyalgia, of which I have some symptoms of :

So I came home with a strong antibiotic called Klacid, and I am hoping this will combat the mycoplasma in my system. I have been through 10 of the 14 days of this antibiotic, and cannot tell much of a difference yet, but I am still hopeful. It is strong and harsh on my body.

Join us in thanking God for:
-His provision: Each day we didn’t know what to expect, so each was a step of faith. But each day we were able to pay for the doctor’s visit and the tests run. It was a costly investment, but there was always enough. God is good.

-His protection: I want to acknowledge that there were so many things ruled out through the tests run. So many things that I was worried about- and peace comes with that. And I give Him praise for His protection from all the “could be’s”. God is good. 

-The two doctors we saw were great. They listened and seemed to genuinely want to help us figure out my mysterious health history. It matters so much to feel cared for by your doctors. And now I have ones to return to if I need continued care. God is good.

-The discovery of Mycoplasma, this is not part of a normal blood test, so the doctor had to have insight to look for it. We, and others, had been praying for God to provided supernatural insight & direction for the doctors. He is good.

-There were parts of this trip to Singapore that felt like a retreat. It was refreshing to be in a modern city, to speak English, and to eat different things. Greg and I really enjoyed ourselves for parts of it and that was a great, much needed, buffer to the many hours in the hospital. God knows our needs. He is good.

Please continue to pray that my health strengthens. Pray that the medicine will work to fight the mycoplasma- if this is a key in my improvement. Indonesia is a rather harsh place on a person’s health, and yet we have peace and joy about staying here, feeling it is God’s (good) choice for us- so we ask you to join us in fighting for my health and asking God for complete healing & strength.

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