Friday, May 24, 2013

Pic a Day May #24- Some of "our guys" that graduated

We want to introduce you to a few graduates that we have been impacted by and hopefully impacted in the past year and a half.  So today I am writing about a couple of incredible guys that I have been able to teach, coach, juggle, and well... just share life with.  More to come in the next few days.

This is Ben. Ben is an incredibly bright student and excels at almost everything he does from chemistry to basketball to juggling to Dominion (a card game) to well you get the picture (no pun intended).   His parents are working on another island here in Indonesia,  similar to a large portion of the parents of MICS students.   Jennifer and I both think very highly of this young man and are excited to see where he ends up!

This is Jose.  Jose is the son of Gustavo and Alejandra, some of our teammates from Costa Rica.  This young man is one of the most passionate guys I know, everything he does he puts his heart into.  I think Our Father used that part of Jose to really grow and influence the spiritual atmosphere of MICS campus this year and bring other students closer to Himself.  

These are just two of the boys that graduated from MICS yesterday- the only two that we were privileged to get pictures with before we had to rush off to do a last minute visa run for Singapore. We definitely don't want to  "play favorites"- so we want to clarify that. We celebrate each one of the newly graduated guys from yesterday: Paul, Kenny, Khol, Kyu Ho, Kaleb, Sung Hyun, Micah, Michael, and George! We bless you guys as you start this new chapter of life.

Come back here to meet some of the graduated girls tomorrow!

We share this because these students are such a big part of our lives here.

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