Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pic a Day May #25- and some of "our girls" that graduated...

My sweet Angela- I have been so honored to share life with her. She is one of the few students I knew before while I was growing up here. I have appreciated so much her delight in this country & in people here in this community, her joy & her honesty about hard things. Angela, you have a permanent tea cup in our home. My life has been changed.

My dear Janice- I have been so blessed by Janice allowing us to be part of her life. She has made me love Korean students even more than I already did. She has challenged me with her questions. She has inspired me with her diligence & desire to always be growing & improving in all areas of her life. My life has been changed.  

My precious Alexa- I have been honored to know this lady. To hear her heart. To ask her questions. My one on one moments with her this year have been treasure. Everyone says she is quiet, but the truth is she has a lot to say. Her care for her friends is inspiring. My life has  been changed. 

My treasured Natasha- we just love this girl! And we have been so grateful for our moments with her. I love hearing her stories & ideas. I love her creativity & her eye for beauty. I love watching her love so many different people- and her heart & understanding for them. I have learned a lot from her. She inspires me. My life has been changed.

Just like in yesterday's post we must clarify that we were not able to get picture with all the graduates, so this is not us "playing favorites", but introducing you to some of these lovely ladies we have grown to care deeply for.  I had the chance to be dorm mom to these gals, even Angela for a weekend, so my time with them has been more concentrated. Obviously, from the captions above, I can tell you that it is my life that has been changed. The people we get to encounter are just incredible. What a worthy investment that God has drawn us to. And I want to also mention the other ladies that graduated on Thursday- Sarah, Jenny, Abby, Stefanie- you each are so beautiful in such unique, "khusus" ways, and I celebrate each of you today!

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