Sunday, May 26, 2013

3 on 3 Champs!

Sorry this picture is a little blurry but it is the only one we have of our 3 on 3 team. 
The  3 on 3 basketball tournament is kinda a big deal here at MICS.  Students and faculty alike start picking teams and trash talking weeks before the tournament even starts.  In some cases this picking and trash talking starts the day after the tournament is over and teams start thinking about next years tourney. 

It's not everyday you get to play on a winning 3 on 3 team comprised of 2 Koreans, 1large Costa Rican, 1 American who grew up in Africa, and myself, a Kentucky boy. 

The tournament was a lot of fun.  The first night we played a pool play set-up and won all but one game.  Then we came back the next day with a game plan and eventually found ourselves in the championship game against the only team that beat us.   This time we made sure to stick to the game plan and we came out on top! 

I feel the need to mention that this tournament happened awhile ago, so before I hurt my ankle and had to stop playing :(   But have hopes for more games to come in the future after this surgery in a week :)

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