Monday, May 27, 2013

Pic a Day May- #27 celebrating a sister...

Ok- so I really am a bit speechless when it comes to sharing about this person. Jamie, my one & only sister. I think God just gave me one sister because He knew exactly how much goodness He could pack into one person.WOL (Wow Out Loud)
This was my last picture taken with Jamie (& newborn Grace) on March 2nd, 2012. And I am ready to take some more pictures because she is coming this way soon! That is some of the best news of the year- Jamie, Jeremy, & Grace are coming to work in this part of the world, so picture sessions will not be so far apart.
Today is Jamie's birthday, she turned 25 today. Everyone always mentions that she looks young, and thinks of her as "little Jamie" (last born kids often get that, especially when they are beautifully petite.)
But everyone, I cannot even begin to describe to you the true WOMAN she is. Her wisdom astounds me. The glory that she has stepped into when she became a mother- is wonderful really. The grace & beauty she walks in as a wife is inspiring. And the friend is she to so many- we could fill pages worth of praise. I have seen her be a better daughter than I could ever be. But I get to be her sister, I share that with only one other person, and I bet he is dancing over that honor in heaven right now, and joins me in celebrating that privilege- that we get to share this life with Jamie as our sister. 

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