Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Return to Karimunjawa

Last year I went on a trip with the Bio II class to Karimunjawa.  If you want to look back on that trip, you can do it here. Today though I thought we would briefly return there for a different view.

Most of what we were in Karimun to see was life.  The focus was marine biology so we were observing coral, fishes, anemones, urchins, etc.  Beautiful!

These two boats however paint a different picture.  Paint faded, glass broken, tied up. These boats serve as reminders, memorials.  I look at these boats and think, how did they get here? How long have they been like this?  What would it be like fixed up and back out on the ocean?  I couldn't help but feel that these boats were made for more than this!

Then I realized I was looking at myself.  Broken, faded, and tied up.   The difference is that when Daddy looked at me He did see more.  There was no wondering how long I had been like that or how I could let myself get to that point.  He just saw a new creation in progress and said "Come".  Beautiful!

Now here I am  in an ocean of grace.

So... this new creation gives all glory to his Father.

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