Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pic n Tune June- #3 the long awaited surgery day (Greg's makeover)

Greg before

Greg after- still a bit groggy from his "nap"
The "before" & "after" pictures are not like other makeover pictures we all love to see. Especially since all the work is covered up by bandages- and it is all INSIDE the ankle. But still, there was some pretty great "makeover" work done today in Singapore.
 We have been waiting for this day for a long time. 4 months to the day actually. Like I mentioned on Facebook earlier,  it is great to move from recovering towards surgery, to recovering towards running/sports again.  The doctor said that the surgery went well- no cartilage damage, (that would cause future trouble,) which is great news!  
For me this journey has been a bunch of steps in facing my own anxiety, and then choosing (or not choosing) to release it to Jesus. I mentioned this yesterday.Today was another day of that. 
And today's song has been an anthem/soundtrack for me this year. I played it in Greg's hospital room back in August when he had that terrible stomach infection, and I played it today right before he went into surgery. Listen to it- you will know why. 

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