Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pic n Tune June- #5 Singapore hospital life

How can you NOT take care of this sweet man!?
The "awkward" checked item
The menu- which item would you choose?
We extended our stay at the hospital today since Greg had a rough night last night (pain & intense nausea.) We are grateful for more rest.
So we wanted to share with you a couple pictures that capture our "only in Singapore" hospital experience. Things that, if we were in the USA, would not be part of this whole experience.  It isn't really an everyday thing to have to "check" your crutches- that is part of the reality of having to travel to another country for certain medical care. We have definitely experienced this reality within our first term in Indonesia.
And today's menu was something I found interesting as well- a good picture of how many cultures are represented in this country of Singapore.
For today's song- this is one that I have loved for a long time, and it too can become a prayer.  And truly- you cannot help but move & smile to the music. Check it out:

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