Thursday, June 6, 2013

Furious Longings

Well today I was discharged from the hospital.  We headed back to the guest house with my crutches, cryotherapy machine, and a few mild pain killers just in case.  It is good to be back "home", even if "home" in this case is temporary.

I have had a little time to read these past few days as I have been lying in bed... this was something I was actually looking forward to since I hurt my ankle back in February.  I read a book during that time that really helped put my injury into perspective and it helped me get through it.  That book was, "We All Die Alone".  I know you are probably thinking "That's horrible!", but it actually was an incredible read and possibly one of my favorite "true story" books I have ever read.

The book I am currently reading is also helping me with perspective.  I started reading it before surgery and I have since then almost finished it.  It is:
Click here to see it in
 I was first drawn to this book after hearing Jonathan David Helser's song "Abba".  So I invite you to listen to the song, read the book, and allow yourself to be drawn ever deeper into the heart of Abba who is furiously longing for you.

This has been my reality! Especially the past few days!

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