Sunday, August 2, 2009

Made Leather and Working on A Lifetime

We recently celebrated our third anniversary, three years ago I got to marry my best friend. In the last three years there have been quite a few things that we have gone through together, from extreme highs to extreme lows. This Friday, July 31, 2009, Jennifer and I got to go out and spend the day enjoying each other and looking back on our time together. There is just something so special about being with your bride and fully loving her while knowing with all you are that she is completely wrapped up in loving and respecting you. It is like this dance that you have together and it can't be stopped no matter how much is going on around you whether there is music or silence. Having this lifetime partner to dance your way through life with can be surreal. Each anniversary has a traditional gift that accompanies it, the third is leather(hence the title). Looking back on our past together definitely makes me very excited about the rest of our marriage. It has only gotten better over the last three years so how great will it be after a lifetime.

Every now and then I try to step out of our relationship and look at it from the outside. By doing this it helps me to understand a little bit of how much Christ loves the church and me as his Bride. Nothing in this world comes close to comparing how you feel when your eyes meet with the eyes of the Bridegroom. The dance that makes up this relationship transcends time and space. When you look at Christ you are looking at Reality, Truth, and Life. Everything else falls away when you are focused on Him, because looking in his eyes you know that this love is true and enduring.

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