Wednesday, October 26, 2011

T-6 Days and Counting

Today was more about rest and connectivity than productivity.  Sometimes you just need days like this to get your feet back under ya.  So what does a day of connectivity and rest look like for us? 

Well we started the day by sleeping in until about 10 then going to my grandparents and playing Settlers of Catan until lunch.  Once we finished off our leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, we came back to the house and started a "Monk" marathon.  Then came our only productive thing of the day, we signed some papers to send to our headquarters (we didn't even get them in the mail, just signed them).  By then it was time for mom and dad to get home and we made a run to the golf course to play 9 holes before dark. Two and a half hours and about 50 golf balls later we were finished and back at the house.  I talked to one of our best friends on skype while mom made chocolate chip cookies and dad picked out something to watch.  And that concludes our day.

Days like this are good for us since things have been flying by at the speed of light.  Sometimes the list of "to dos" has to be put in the back seat and let the much needed "rest" take the drivers seat. 

So tomorrow we MAY be feeling a little more pressure and a little frantic as we attempt to get everything thing done in our last day in Inez.  Please keep this in mind while reading tomorrows post just incase it doesn't make a lick of sense.

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