Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sad Roses!

I was hoping to get this post up yesterday but I ran out of time so here it is:

These roses are what Jennifer gave me for Valentines Day this year.  She left me here in Salatiga on Valentines Day to head back to America for her best friend's wedding and to see her very pregnant sister.  Did I mention that she left me on Valentines Day?  Helping her pack to leave me was not my idea of romantic, and I am hoping it isn't hers either!

Oh and did I mention that she is going to be in America for almost 2 weeks?  This means that she not only left me on Valentines, but will also be missing my first birthday in Indonesia.  Sheesh!

Out of all this you know what really gets me fired up?  I had just written the post about the things that we are missing and craving from America, and now she leaves me here... while she enjoys them there.  Can you believe that?

If you are starting to feel really sorry for me then you could click on the "contact" link to the right and write down our address and send me a birthday present :)  Just joking... but seriously.

Ok so enough ranting and raving.  Jennifer didn't actually get me the roses in the picture, we went out to eat and they were on the table next to us.  I thought they were very appropriate for how we were feeling at the moment so I snapped a pic and told Jennifer I was going to blog about how she gave me two sad roses for the Valentines she left me in Indo.  She really did feel bad about leaving me on Valentines and missing my birthday. 

So even though she has done these two despicable things.(read with total sarcasm)  I still very much bless her trip as long as she brings me back a Chick-fil-a sandwich and some iced animal cookies.(no sarcasm here)

I do want to say though that I am forever honored to be her Valentine, even from the across the globe.

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