Friday, December 14, 2012

Singapore trip #2

This is a picture from my window seat as I flew into Singapore. From Just two weeks ago. I usually don't take these kind of pictures, since I have looked out many an airplane window, but this one looked different than any I have seen before.  It made me realize how much of a "port city" Singapore is. I had never seen that many ships from that kind of angle. Well, except for that one time I played battleship with Greg.

I just returned from a 2nd trip to visit doctors, since there was no improvement after the first. Read about the first visit here:

 Some details, (for those who are interested:)
 I was referred to a hormone specialist. This doctor ran more specific tests, esp. with my insulin and thyroid. And they found problems with both. She said that my body has not been working for itself for a long time. So I am on meds for both. Won't see much difference for about 3 months. I also have to be careful with sugar in my diet. That means rice and potatoes too. Both of which are such staples in my diet because of trying to eat gluten free, esp. in Asia.  So it is going to take some life change. She said if I would have continued without treating this for another year (the next time I was planning to return for a medical trip) then I would have most like become diabetic and hypothyroid- so this is a miracle to find it and catch it in time. It is amazing how God orchestrated this and led us. Rejoice with us. And I ask you to pray for me as I walk this new path towards better health.

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