Saturday, June 8, 2013


A few years ago I spent some time in New York City.  I loved so much about life there, but being a country boy from the hills of Kentucky... I need some green open space.  This meant that I would try my best to make at trip at least once or twice a week to Central Park just so I didn't go CRAZY!  I found out then that as much as I thought I would enjoy city life... I will probably always need a bit a nature somewhere to retreat to.

Singapore does this well.  Although this trip my ankle is preventing me from getting out and enjoying all that Singapore has to offer, I have enjoyed in the past and I sure I will at some point in the future get to enjoy more of Singapore's green space.  If you Google images of Singapore a lot of what you get are views of this incredible city.  But it also offers some amazing parks and green spaces around the city. Here is a park that is just behind the building we are staying in.

You know its a good park when there is a McDonalds in the middle of it!

Sadly Jennifer took all these pictures as she is the only one of us who has actually gotten to get out and enjoy the park... but... soon!
Oh, so soon!

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