Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pic in Tune June #9- Spa retreat in a taxi cab? what!?

What I was trying to do in this picture was show you the open truck in front of me with workmen riding in the back & the BMW to the left- such a contrast. And I just read this week that "Singapore is a study of contrasts." So true.
You usually find out little bits about your taxi driver as soon as you step into the cab- either by what is hanging from the rear-view mirror or what music is coming from his radio. 

These two pictures for today are not super captivating. Though this is much of our life right now- transportation. Taxis. Buses. The subway (MRT)system. Going to & from the hospital. Grabbing groceries. Getting ice.
But this is actually not very "normal" for us. We don't use these kind of transportation options on a regular basis since we live in such a small town in Indonesia. So this is a contrast with our normal life. It is such a treat to be able to get places on our own. But it is also tiring & wears on you in ways you don't really notice.
There is a story that goes with these pictures, that shows the Father's heart, and I want to share it with you.
Friday was my day for the doctor. Some follow up visits to check my thyroid & insulin uptake issues discovered back in December Especially since things seemed to improve & then backslide- which is disappointing & confusing. So Friday was just the blood tests, tomorrow is the consult with the doctor, along with Greg's follow up with his surgeon.
On Friday, after my doctors visit & kind of refacing that discouragement about my health once again... then trying on clothes that didn't fit...then drinking coffee next to two adorable moms with their adorable babies, and all of a sudden that desire to have my own children was tapped into...and there I was looking into my cappuccino in order to fight back what was being stirred up...this is a run on sentence, yes, but that is what it felt like...the "run on sentence of emotions"...the ones that accumulate out of nowhere & you don't know what happened till you look back.  I was just worn out, the kind of worn out that leads you to the "tearing up at everything" place that is just not fun. I think many women can probably identify with that.
It was just one of those days- the days where my mind focused on the "hope deferred" not the "longing fulfilled." (Proverbs 13:12)
So I decided to take a taxi home- it was an indulgence since I could have done the MRT/bus route, but just didn't want to. But as soon as I sat down in that cab, I heard the sound. It was so out of context, I was in shock for a moment. It was so sweet to my soul, and I could feel my body release its tension.  It was instrumental hymns...what!? Not the usual 90's rock, with witty radio hosts- that I sometimes do enjoy, but doesn't really bring peace & calm to my spirit.
I started reaching back into my history for the lyrics, &they quickly came to mind...
" Oh what peace we often forfeit; Oh what needless pain we bear- all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer..." 
So that taxi ride, with the precious brother as the taxi driver, became a sanctuary for me. A Spa retreat of sorts- as I listened to these songs familiar & soothing...And there the Lord met me in my weariness. He knows me- he knows my longings for health & family- but He is always my "Longing Fulfilled". What a friend we have in Jesus.

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