Monday, June 10, 2013

Pic n Tune June #10- tonight we ordered from a little neighborhood joint called "Do-min-nos"

Greg at Dr. Raj's office- he really enjoys the main magazine option in the waiting room being National Geographic. That's my husband.

Today we are going to switch things up a bit...
We just had quite a long day of doctor's appointments which resulted in a 4 hour nap that followed. Greg passed with flying colors-doing very well for this point in recovery. I have a few adjustments to make, for my thyroid especially, but the doctor is hopeful. 
Tonight we are treating ourselves to Domino's pizza- this is not part of regular life for us. I will have a piece or two (along with a couple digestive enzymes since this is a "gluten bomb") & Greg will enjoy the rest. 
But in all of this came some culture shock- I realized that, in ordering,  and throughout this whole week, Greg and I have been experiencing some accents we are not used to- Chinese,  Indian, & Malay to be exact.We are all speaking English, since that is the island-wide language spoken in Singapore (though for most it is their 2nd language. Pretty impressive huh? Bilingual is the norm here.) And yet the English is spoken with such  different accents, so there is a lot of struggle in understanding & communication. We are used to Kentucky accents, Indonesian accents, and with many Korean students at our school, that accent is also becoming more a part of our daily lives.  There is also quite a lot of "Singlish" we are hearing- so this is all a whirlwind of cultural experience as we are visitors here this week.  Realizing that there is no "right" way to speak English, just different. I know I have quite an American accent when I speak Indonesian as well.
So tonight after I ordered our pizza, & had to repeat our number several times. I looked at Greg and said, "Man, I try so hard to communicate well & clearly, but I guess my "phone number rhythm" is not as international as I thought it was." 
And that reminded me of this video clip, and since it is so fitting, that is what we share with you tonight- enjoy. 

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