Sunday, June 23, 2013

Out of the Cave and into the Dorm

Since our return to Indonesia from Singapore...(ahhh Singapore how I miss you already, specifically the food)... we have been rather busy.  I was surprised at how much Indonesia has come to feel like home, it was good to get back.

Jennifer's parents picked us up in Semarang and we headed to their house.  Once there we headed straight into the sick cave.  Jennifer came down with a nasty flu that lasted for almost a week and all I could do was sit (or lay) with my foot propped up to keep the swelling down.  We watched A LOT of Matlock those few days.  It was such a blessing being at Jennifer's parents because they could care for us when neither of us were really in a place to care for each other very well.

Eventually we headed back home to Salatiga where Jennifer fully emerged from the sick cave and I began my physical therapy for my ankle.  Jennifer finished packing things up around the house and made arrangements with drivers and friends to help move everything to the dorm. Those of you who have ever packed up one house just to move down the street might have some idea of how Jennifer was feeling during these few days. 

I feel the need to mention that during this time we didn't have internet so if we seemed cut off from the rest of the world.... its because we were.

So just a few days ago we actually made the move!  We stuffed everything we have into the car and moved down the street and into the school dorm. 

Next week we wont have internet access because we are going away for a conference. once we return we will bring back the blogging!

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