Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pic in Tune June #12 & #13- Travel back tomorrow & the promised sharing of food

 I am going to make this a blog to cover both today & tomorrow since we will be traveling back to Indonesia tomorrow.  That is hard to believe after being here for nearly 2 weeks. The plan is for us to move right into the dorm, so Greg can prop that foot up, and I  (with a lot of friends helping) with move our stuff into the dorm over the next week. Prayers appreciated for sure. It is challenging to travel on crutches, especially for a guy who is 6ft7in (200 cm) tall. So we are praying for an aisle to himself & quick, smooth travels. As we move into the dorm we plan to begin settling in & making it into our home, so that from that place we can parent the girls well. First & foremost we desire to make it a house of prayer & praise, & we know that there will be some challenges that come with that. Please pray with us about this- we need you.
This is a song that we hope to play & sing as we begin moving in. Wanted to share it with you:

Some treats we enjoyed this week:

Greg enjoying a Tandoori chicken wrap- we love the Indian influence here

Salad was first on the list for me- I miss clean lettuce! It takes so much effort in Indo to get raw veggies clean, so this is such a treat.

So you can see why these were some of the things I included in our grocery bag

I sure do love seeing all that green! Wish kale was in this mix. 

A fun shop you see in food courts- again fun to see fresh stuff

Now don't get me wrong, we didn't just eat fresh,healthy stuff all this time. We aren't that good. We splurged also on fun cereals we cannot get in Indo- having this many choices is so overwhelming! Here is what we chose: Oatmeal Squares , Honey Smacks , and one of Greg's favorite Quaker Oh's 
His all time favorite is: Cracklin' Oat Bran
And we have definitely caught up on potato chips eating for the year- Whew! Greg's favorite: Chedder Sour Cream Ruffles and though my favorite depends on the day, I usually really enjoy
Barbeque Lays potato chips

Here is a perfect plate for me during these days in Singapore:
Salad,snap peas, great cheese, rice crackers, a Pluot & some blueberries since this are fruits hard to get in Indo & something pork (this is some stuff we enjoy- a cross between jerky & bacon, but sweeter.)

So there you have it. Soon I will share some our suggested places to eat while here in Singapore. Today I wanted to share with you some of the treats we will surely miss, but are grateful to get while here.

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